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77feedback is a platform to help others to make the right decision by checking their feedback either its person, place, or any business. So make sure your feedback is important for others.

Why Feedback is importent!

  • Did your Landlord Support you in this Corona Pandemic

    Corona Pandemic is one of the worst situations worldwide. We are living in this human world. Everyone needs help from others and many people did the same. Many landlords cut off the rent and support their renters by showing their humanity while many others forget the humanity and notice their tenants. So write feedback about such Landlords so that people know about the nature of that person and save themselves from such landlords. For this, you just need to mention your contact number on our feedback form and write a review of the situation you face with the landlord. So, that another tenant searched the landlord’s contact number on the search bar and get aware of the situation.

  • Did your builder fulfill the promises they did at the time of purchasing the home?

    Home is the dream of every common man. It’s just not a wall of some bricks. It’s an emotional, hard-working, and effort people did their whole life and then we make some expectation and believe in the vendor and handover the all lifetime earning to them. But when the builder cheated us we broke financially and mentally that’s why it’s important to save our society from such vendors. Write a feedback about them so that no one else cheated.

  • Are you cheated by any carpenter, plumber, catering, electrician, mechanic, or anyone?

    If you are cheated by anyone then write the details of the incident with the person’s mobile number because if we do not take a step then no one can help us. Society is called by us only. Write the feedback and save society and make a better and happy environment.